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October 7 - Mahi Madness

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

After what feels like forever of windy terrible weather, we were finally able to get offshore today and give it a go. We started at first light in the Spencer canyon in 75 degree water and worked south looking for the 3-4 degree temperature break. By the time we got to the 500 square the water temperature had gradually dropped to 72 without any strong feature. With that we turned around and started trolling north.

We got back into the Spencer Canyon and found a pile of nice Mahi and worked on them for about an hour until we caught our fill. It was otherwise lifeless so we continued trolling to the Lindenkohl canyon and the water remained blank, green, and 75 all the way and not a touch other then a few more Mahi here and there. Not the day back we were looking for. We hope to give it another go on Sunday.

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