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EUPHORIA Winter Update

We have arrived to Cap Cana, Dominican Republic where we plan to target billfish over the next few months. We spent a week and a half on our way South fishing in Cat Island, San Salvador, and Long Island Bahamas targeting wahoo. While we were there a solid front came through and it was rough weather the entire time we were there, and the fishing was rough as well. We managed a wahoo or two each day, and a few days we hand crank deep dropped for some snapper and grouper to add a little meat for dinner.

On our way to DR, I timed our chug to arrive at Hog Sty Reef in the early morning so we could get in a little fishing there. I have only had the opportunity to fish it one other time in May on my way back, but we didnt have much time to fish that trip. As we trolled around looking for the fish, within an hour we were in the thick of the wahoo! In 3 hours we went 5/8 on very nice size wahoo. They were crushing the islander ballyhoo combo on the long riggers for us. Then we dropped to the bottom for the next 2 hours to get a mixed bag of good eats catching grouper and snapper. Great way to end out time in the Bahamas.

Now we are settled in at Cap Cana Marina and looking forward to a good upcoming Spring.

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