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Euphoria Sportfishing Update

I am sorry to anyone who has looked here this past Summer for fishing reports from our trips on EUPHORIA. I, Captain Ricky Wheeler, just totally blanked on this through the Summer 2023 New Jersey Season. Long story short, we made a solid year out of overall slow fishing with a few nice tournament wins in the mix. We look forward to being much more on top of our reports next season.

Our plans for this Winter and Spring are to do some fishing in the Dominican Republic from February - early May with sime fishing on the way to and from the DR stopping at a few prime Bahamas Locations. January Bahamas Wahoo and May Marlin in the Bahamas.

At this moment we are giving the boat some TLC after a long year and getting her ready for the upcoming 2024 fishing season. Reach out to us here on our CONTACT Page to book your fishing trips with us.

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