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Fishing Charters in New Jersey are available on EUPHORIA from June through October. 


Don't hesitate to Contact Us with any questions you may have and to Book a Fishing Trip Now. 

The FISHING:  June through early November is the offshore fishing season in New Jersey. The yellowfin tuna and white marlin fishing get to be world-class which makes the runs offshore all worthwhile. Don’t forget the blue marlin, bigeye tuna, bluefin tuna, wahoo, sharks, swordfish, and schools of mahi-mahi you get the opportunity to catch in the Mid-Atlantic waters every season with us on EUPHORIA!

Trips are available in New Jersey on EUPHORIA. CLICK HERE to see the BOAT.

MAXIMUM of 6 people per trip (No Exceptions!)

Please NOTE: Due to the volatility of our ever-changing fuel prices, we have to base our rates on the price of fuel at the dock on the day your trip ends in order for us to assure we continue to provide a first-class charter operation.

***Rates below DO NOT include the customary gratuity for the crew and are based on 20% of the bottom line trip price for gratuity so as not to inflate gratuity with added fuel expenses incurred.

The crew spends countless hours well before and after your trip planning, preparing, and making sure everything is ready for every situation for your trips and tips are their main source of income.***

Offshore Fishing Trip (June-October). 

The most popular trip where we will be targeting Tuna, Marlin, and Dolphin. Other various species we may encounter are wahoo, swordfish, and tilefish.

Departure time is between 2-4 am and we return to the dock between 3-6 pm.

RATES below do not include the customary gratuity of 20% of the $4500 base price making the expected tip $900.

$4500 at $2-2.50/gallon

$4800 at $2.51-3/gallon

$5100 at $3.01-3.50/gallon

$5400 at $3.51-4/gallon

$5700 at $4.01-4.50/gallon

$6000 at $4.51-5/gallon

$6300 at $5.01-5.50/gallon

$6600 at $5.51-6/gallon

$6900 at $6.01-6.50/gallon

$7200 at 6.51-7/gallon.   

Offshore Overnighter (June-October)

With the inflated fuel prices this trip is more bang for your buck with nearly double the amount of fishing time. We target Tuna, Marlin, Swordfish, and Mahi on these overnight fishing trips.

Departure time is usually between 7-10 am and we return the next day around 10-3 pm.

RATES below do not include the customary gratuity of 20% of the $6000 base price making the expected tip $1200.

$6000 at $2-2.50/gallon

$6350 at $2.51-3/gallon

$6700 at $3.01-3.50/gallon

$7050 at $3.51-4/gallon

$7400 at $4.01-4.50/gallon

$7750 at $4.51-5/gallon

$8100 at $5.01-5.50/gallon

$8450 at $5.51-6/gallon

$8800 at $6.01-6.50/gallon

$9150 at $6.51-7/gallon.    

Flounder/Bottom Fishing Trip (July-September)

A 5-hour trip where we will primarily target flounder as well as sea bass and bluefish. It is the perfect trip if you are just looking for a fun and relaxing half day on the water and/or want to get kids into some fun fishing action. We go anywhere from 5-20 miles on this fishing trip.

RATES below do not include the customary gratuity of 20% of the $1500 base price making the expected tip $300.

$1500 at Under $4/gallon

$1750 at $4.01-5/gallon

$2000 at $5.01-6/gallon

$2250 at $6.01-7/gallon

The Boat (EUPHORIA) is LOCATED in Farley Marina in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Dates Available aboard EUPHORIA for Summer 2024 in New Jersey are the following:

CLICK HERE to CONTACT US to BOOK a Trip and/or ask any questions you may have

June 7-17: NJ Tuna Fishing

June 24 - July 10: NJ Tuna Fishing

July 20-24: NJ Tuna and Marlin Fishing

July 29 - August 3: NJ Tuna, Marlin, and Mahi Fishing

August 11-17: NJ Tuna, Marlin, and Mahi Fishing

August 25 - November 3: NJ Tuna, Marlin, Mahi, Swordfish, and Wahoo Fishing

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