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October 23/24 Overnighter Report

NeW ran offshore leaving the dock at 8 am and went straight to the tile fishing grounds. It didn't take long for us to catch out limit of a mixed back of golden and grey tilefish. We went straight into daytime sword fishing in the Wilmington Canyon from there. The water was blue-green and 69 degrees. The weather was beautiful and winds were light out of the NW. We made 4 drops with no bites and started to jump from pot ball to pot ball until we finally found one that had some mahi. We caught 20 smaller mahi in no time then made out way north for a couple more daytime swordfish drops.

On our second drop we finally got hooked up on a swordfish. It stayed down and tight for an hour and 45 minutes until the fish started to go nuts and unfortunately pulled the hook.


We got on the drift but the first spot around the 500 square was dead so we moved up to the Spencer Canyon. On our second drift we hooked in a nice mako, around 300 pounds. It did some amazing and screaming runs, jumped once, and right as it was nearly in range of the end game, it took off again and somehow the line parted. GoodBye. Yet another heart breaker.

The wind came up to a solid 20 knots out of the NW at this point and the seas got choppy. We were still plenty comfortable but the with with he current made our drift very quick. We tried one more drift here and nothing, so we moved up to the Lindy for the last drift. The water here was green and 66 degrees but we were committed at that point. We had two mediocre shark run offs, hooked one, but pulled the hook before we could see it. When the sun came up we tried two drops for swords with no success and called it a trip. Plenty of meat in the box, but the ones we really wanted eluded us.

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