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October 10 Fishing Report

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

Today we took a shot fishing the Tom’s Canyon. We had a little deja vu in the morning as we were setting lines out the left bridge long bait got hammered by a yellowfin just like yesterday. We sunk a gaff in that fish after a short fight and out a solid 60 pounder on the deck. We made a few loops around and came across a free floating no wake buoy that was loaded with Mahi so we got out the spinning gear and got our fill of Mahi.

After that we got back on the troll in the blue green 72 degree water. We got a few bites from skipjack tunas but not much to it. With that we decided to spend the rest of the day daytime swordfishing. Fortunately it paid off with a nice 100 pound swordfish on the first drop in 1500’ of water on a whole squid. We made a few more drops until we came tight on another swordfish and we released that fish after a solid fight.

While we were fighting that sword we found another piece of floating debris that had some nice 20-25 pound Mahi on it so we grabbed a couple of those real quick and called it a day. Fun day offshore here in New Jersey!

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