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November 29th. Epic Continued

Dian Bank just keeps producing. Another amazing day catching 10/12 wahoo, some yelloweye snapper and pulles the hook on a sailfish. Here are today’s notes:

Slightly overcast. Calm weather.

630 started fishing Diana Bank

710 45 pounder on tuna flare on flat line down rod

725 40 pounder on Wahoojo flare line down rod

750 35pounder left long ilander strip bait

820 lost a wahoo on left short rigger tuna flare with strip bait

835 30 pound wahoo on left long pink and white ilander ballyhoo

9:25 45 pound wahoo left long black and red ilander ballyhoo. Sick bite. Skyed out twice. Eric dropped back to it. Came back and on!

9:42 right long tuna flare ballyhoo. Ended up getting sharked quick…

9:47 jumped off a sailfish

10:15 double header of 55-60 pounders. One one left flat wahoojo and one on left long pink white ilander ballyjoo

11:20 40 pounder left flat blue white Wahoojo

Small front moved in and it got totally overcast, cooler temps, and winds went 5-10 NW

1210 deep dropped in 800’ off SW corner and caught half a dozen yelloweye snapper

1:00 back on the troll

1:25 35 pound wahoo left flat down rod bait

215 45 pound wahoo right long black red tuna flare. Called it a day on this being 10 wahoo for the day

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