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November 28th Wahoo Epicness

We had picture perfect weather today and made the run to the promised land… Diana Bank. We got started at 7am with pretty blue 84 degree water. It didn’t take long to get heavy into the wahoo actions. Here are the notes from today:

740 2/5 on wahoo melee

805 50 pound wahoo on down rod bait

820 sharked on 2 wahoo

910 40# wahoo on right long

920 white marlin sharked bad

935 white marlin release

There have been some small bait tunas on top quite a few times and marking them as well some passes. Hound fish are everywhere too.

945 35 pound wahoo left Long rigger.

950 55 pounder on Downsea blue Wahoojo down rod

1055 65 pounder on blue and white Wahoojo down rod

1130 35# yft

Current is pushing North for sure. Fairly strong. Trolled whole south side out to the East and no bites

130 picked up to run into the anchorage in crooked Island

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