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March 15 Fishing Update

We have got in a few trips this first half of March here in Curacao. We have finally had some very pretty blue 81 degree water, but with that, a far amount sargassum weed at times that make it tricky to fish. Regardless, we have still been able to pick away at some sailfish, mahi, an occasional blue marlin, and recently some excellent tuna fishing with yellowfins up to over 100 lbs and bigeye tuna in the 40-80 pound range.

The best bait for us for the tunas has been a 3 ounce Joe Shute lure rigged with a Ron Z tail. They have accounted for the majority of our tuna bites by far.

We only have a handful of days of fishing left for us here in Curacao before we leave the end of April, and we hope the tuna action keeps up!

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