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January Update: Boat Repairs

After the Fire Scare, we were able to move the boat to Fort Lauderdale a few days after the fire. We hauled out in Fort Lauderdale, FL at Cable Marine West where we plan to fully repair EUPHORIA back to the pristine condition she was in before the fire. it is pretty amazing what you can do with these amazing machines that are also some of the most beautiful works of art.

The Plan

As it is right now, our future plan is still unknown as our focus is all on making EUPHORIA perfect again and ready to travel and fish hard! Fortunately everything mechanical seems to have held up, but smoke and heat damage wreaked some havoc. It could have been way worse, so we are thankful we still can rebuild this back to perfection. Realistically, we will be back on the water in time for the Summer New Jersey season.

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