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January Curacao Fishing So Far - EUPHORIA

I have been way to busy and have completely neglected posting reports here and even on other avenues of social media. Hopefully I can keep up easier from here on out. Overall the fishing has been solid here in Curacao as we get a few sailfish bites a day, and some yellowfin tuna and mahi in the mix some days. The blue marlin fishing has been a little slower then expected, but maybe they are just late as the last week it has been better seeing one nearly every trip.

The white marlin have also been around making that shot at a Grand Slam possible, so it has been some fun fishing. The bigger Alison Tunas with those big beautiful sickle fins have been around the last two weeks as well and we got into some action with them one of our trips but on the 30# class gear. Regardless we managed to still get one in the boat. We also did a few drops for swords one day and went 1/2. That was pretty awesome getting into them that quickly in a new location!

I ended up fishing the Bonaire Billfish Tournament aboard Job Site and we grinned it out through some slower then expected fishing due to green water (although we still had 4-5 bite a day from billfish which is tough to complain about), and we managed to get the blue marlin we needed for the win in the last hour. Awesome to get a tournament win in Bonaire.

I am looking forward to the month of February and more great fishing ahead. That's the wrap up of January here in Curacao. Stay tuned for more up to date reports coming soon.

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