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February Curacao Report

We have had a fair amount of windy weather here this past month, but we were able to get some fishing in and have seen some hit and miss fishing with water being blended, 80 degrees, and no change in currents in over 2 months to change things up. That being said, we have been able to make a day of it every day between some sailfish, mahi, blue marlin, and tuna all mixed up.

We had off the beginning of the month and got two days of billfishing in before working at satellite tagging tunas here for research for 8 days straight. The first day was slow fishing and we caught two mahi in the 30 pound range. Other then that, not a touch. The next day we ran to West Point to look for something different. The weed was thick there but was managed to catch 6 mahi and we ended the day 2/2 on blue marlin that we acrobatic as could be.

We got into the tuna tagging and the tuna fishing was very hit and miss most days. We picked away conventional tagging a fair amount of smaller tunas but were struggling to find some larger ones that could carry a satellite tag. We did end the 8 days satellite tagging 14 yellowfins and conventional tagging a lot. Apparently we set a record for most tunas tagged on a trip, so that was cool. The ticket for us were the RonZ replacement tails with a 3 ounce Joe Shute over them or a Fish Downsea Tuna Flare over them. The tunas here LOVED it, as I have found most places I have fished as well. For some odd reason I have yet to catch a Caribbean tuna on a spreader bar of any kind which is amazing to me, and I have tried hard!

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