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Update & Saltwater Euphoria Podcast

Well, it certainly has been a long road since the fire. With that said, WOW has the EUPHORIA come together beautifully throughout the restoration, and she will soon be ready to go for quite some time once the engine rebuilds are fully complete. Lots of fishing to come!

In the meantime, I, Captain Ricky Wheeler, have been freelancing quite a bit here in New Jersey. The fishing started off strong in early June with double digit yellowfin tuna catches the norm, but then it quickly dropped off and has been hit and miss since.

For those who don't know, I started a podcast that goes under the name Saltwater Euphoria Podcast which covers all kinds of topics in fishing. Please be sure to give them a listen as I will continue to bring on more and more guests. You can see more about this at

I hope to start bringing you a lot of fishing reports from trips aboard EUPHORIA here starting in August. Keep checking back!

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