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Double Overnighter 9/13-15

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

We just finished fishing a double overnighter. The weather was a light breeze and 3-4 foot everyday except the last day the wind and waves kicked up hard so we decided to call it a double overnighter instead of the triple overnighter we had planned

We had some solid fishing action throughout the trip with plenty of 10-20 pound Mahi nearly all day every day. While we had white marlin in the mix, we didn't see as much action with them as we hoped, but the Mahi crushing us in the right liking areas probably didn't give the marlin a chance to find our baits. Not a bad problem to have, haha. We did manage to get a nice 65 pound yellowfin tuna on day one and had one other round of tuna bites that just did not come tight.

The first night the wind and waves against the current made the fishing tricky but we managed to catch a swordfish and then got walloped by a solid fish which unfortunately turned out to be a manta ray 30 minutes later. Bummer... The second night in the Wilmington Canyon we had better conditions and plenty of squid around and managed to catch two swordfish and releas a mako shark.

The highlight of the trip was a 110# wahoo which was an insane fish, and incredible bite and fight. It was awesome to see that dinosaur pulled over the rail of EUPHORIA. So much fun with an awesome group of guys!!!

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