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Curacao - DR - Bahamas Move and Fishing

We have made it to Flying Fish Marina in beautiful Long Island, Bahamas and are stoked for the upcoming month of fishing here in The Bahamas. We lucked out with amazing weather for both legs of our move and managed to catch some fish along the way. From Curacao to Dominican Republic and caught and released a spearfish, a white marlin, and a nice mahi.

One we reached Marina Cap Cana in the DR, we got in 4 days of fishing for white marlin and had an awesome time.

Day 1 we went 2/2 on white marlin and 1/2 on sailfish along with a lot of mahi.

Day 2 was slow as the fish seemed to have taken the day off and we went 1/1 on white marlin and some mahi and that was the best of it for anyone.

Day 3 we got on them good going 6/11 on white marlin and 1/1 on sailfish

Day 4 we ended up 4/8 on white marlin and a few mahi in the mix

Awesome and fun fishing, and the sargassum weed was overall manageable most days.

The hot teaser was our long pink squid chain with a black and red express rigged over a large ballyhoo as the chaser bait.

You can see all of this action on my YouTube Channel (CaptainRickyWheeler) in CaptainsVlog 25

From there we continued on to The Bahamas and caught a few mahi, a wahoo, and a pair of yellowfin tuna along the way with great weather again. Lots of fishing to come!

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