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9/19/22 Report

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

Today we were hoping to continue our marlin streak, especially with the blue marlin. We started in 100 fathoms between the Baltimore and Wilmington Canyons. We were in some pretty 77 degree water with a lot of scattered weed and a ripline here and there. We came across some solid floating debris early that was loaded with Mahi. We spent some time catching Mahi on light tackle until we had enough and left them biting.

After the Mahi madness we got back on the troll and finally got a bite on the left flat line which was a nice 60 pound yellowfin tuna. We kept slowly working our way downsea into the Wilmington Canyon where the water turned green and was 75 degrees. I picked up and ran back to where we started as conditions looked the best for our last two hours. Finally the right teaser gets exploded on by a blue marlin which we switched and had hooked up, but as we were clearing lines the hook pulled and game over. Bummerrrrr. We trolled a little more and caught a few more Mahi but that was the day.

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