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9/18/22 Report

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

Today was a flip flopped version of yesterday. After an hour on the troll we had a massive explosion on the chugger/ballyhoo down the middle and came right to a 500 pound blue marlin! This one put in a solid battle and 50 minutes later we got the release on the beautiful marlin!

Shortly after that we had a white marlin come up on the left flat that we hooked and got the release on. Not long after that we found a little bit of floating debris that was loaded with Mahi  and we caught enough for dinner and then played with some on the fly rod one of our guests brought. It was fun getting a couple that way and we had a wahoo completely air out like a missile going after a Mahi which was awesome to see!

We made some more passes and got a few more Mahi here and there and then had a white marlin come up on the right flat line which we hooked up ended up pulling the hook during the fight . After that the afternoon was quiet with no action at all. Fun day of fishing again though!

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