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9/17 Report

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

Today was a grind for us. We started in the Baltimore Canyon and trolled all of the way out to 1000 fathoms with only two gaffer Mahi to show for it.

We made a run mid day to try a new location and thank goodness it paid off. We got in lot plenty of action with Mahi right away. Then soon after we released a white marlin. Shortly after that we switched a big blue marlin off of the teaser and after a quick fight and flying in reverse we released the 500 pound beauty!!! We worked the area a little more and then a 400 pound blue crashed the teaser! We were able to switch that one as well and game on for a 30 minute fight to the release. What an ending to what was shaping up to be a very slow day! Always fun with these two guys on board!

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