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Fish Downsea Tackle Company is owned and operated by fishermen who are on the water every day guiding and charter fishing. They know what it takes to catch fish, and they design all of their tackle based on what they see is needed on the water. Would you rather get tackle from a company that fishes for a living, or a company that just makes and sells tackle for a living? Luckily for us, we do both!


All of our tackle at is designed and made by professional fishermen for fishermen looking to put more fish on their deck and more flags on their riggers. 


Downsea Blue Party Hat Big Bull
Fish Downsea Chigger Heads
Fish Downsea Dredge White Marlin
Fish Downsea Rigger Full Logo
Green Flying Fish Ready
Blue Marlin off the Fish Downsea Complet
Fish Downsea whacking tuna
Downsea Blue Tuna Flares
Purple Pink 2 ounce Tuna Flare
Big Bull Mahi on the Party Skirt
Big Yellowfin on the Tuna Flare
Dredge Shads Pic.png
Dredge Flares Pic.png
Chuggers Pic.png
Rigged and Ready Pic.png
Mimic Dredges Pic.png
Party Hats Pic.png
Tuna Flares Pic.png
2oz Tuna Flares Pic.png
Clothing Pic.png
Party Skirts Pic.png
Flying Fish Pic.png
Wahoojo Pic.png
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