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Sandy Da Breo

You will find Sandy Da Breo in the cockpit as your mate on your trips with Euphoria Sportfishing in Grenada.

Sandy DaBreo is a true waterman. Grenadian Long Line Fishermen is his trade, but he always spent some spare time as a mate in the cockpit of sport fishing boats. He is very skilled and has amazing eyes that see every bird and fish on the water. Always happy and always smiling, it's hard not to love Sandy.

Sandy wiring a sailfish
sandy pulling in a wahoo
Sandy Tuna
Sandy waiting for bite

More about Sandy:

Sandy Da Breo began fishing as a commercial longliner targeting tunas in the depths of the waters off of Grenada. He would sprinkle in some work as a sport fishing mate from time to time on some of the local boats. In 2012 Sandy spent a couple of weeks fishing with Frank and Ricky on Exile. It was clear to see his skills as a waterman were easily transferrable to the world of sportfishing. Sandy has since spent some time each Winter fishing with Captain Ricky Wheeler in which they have been successful in securing top tournament finishes and some amazing fishing in the Southern Caribbean!


Sandy's mellow demeanor, obvious passion for fishing, and happy personality make him so fun to be around. He always works hard to make catches happen and loves to experience every day on the water fishing!

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