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Boat Moving: New Jersey to Florida...

We just completed the first part of our journey South on EUPHORIA making our way from New Jersey to Florida. We are here in FL for a few days to get our PCR tests in order so we can travel to the Bahamas where we will spend the next month fishing before continuing further south to the beautiful Caribbean Island of Curacao for the Winter.

If you are at all interested in Boat Moving or want to tips on Boat Move Prep and Planning, check out the Notes and Notes Prep of our move below.

You can also download this PDF I made that gives you a load of information and links to things that may help you on your future boat moves. Link Here:

Distance NOTES

Distance Notes (I make this up ahead of any of my trips. Knowing other options that are close in case weather won’t allow a long run but forward progress is needs can help in long boat moves)

-65nm Great Egg Inlet to OCMD

-175nm Great Egg Inlet to Rudee Inlet, VA

-218nm Great Egg Inlet to Oregon Inlet, NC

-252nm Great Egg Inlet to Diamond Shoals, NC

-335nm Great Egg Inlet to Morehead City, NC

-525nm Great Egg Inlet to Charleston, SC

-210nm Morehead City, NC to Charleston, SC

-340nm Morehead City, NC to Fernandina, FL

-500nm Morehead City, NC to Stuart, FL staying inside of the gulf stream, 472nm straight shot

-322nm Charleston, SC to Stuart, FL straight shot, 330nm staying inside the gulf stream

-155nm Charleston, SC to Fernandina, FL

-Note: Fernandina to St Augustine= 55nm S

-208nm Fernandina, FL to Stuart, FL

Ideal Trip Scenarios:

835nm NJ-NC-FL

855nm NJ-SC-FL

875nm NJ-NC-SC-FL

Departure Tuesday November 9 at 9am

Diamond Shoal arrival Wednesday at 7am


Arrive at Morehead around 3pm for fuel. Stay the night and then

depart for Florida Thursday 8am and

arrive in Stuart Saturday around 9am


Arrive at Charleston around Thursday 2pm, stay the night, refuel and then

Depart for Stuart Friday 6am

Arrival in Stuart Saturday around 3pm


Keeping and making these trip notes are important. They help you learn realistic fuel burn and range for your boat. It also is good to have in case your fuel gauge is not truly accurate or if it goes out during your trip. Mine did in the middle of this trip.

Longport, NJ to Charleston, SC

Euphoria holds 1365 gallons of diesel so call it 1200 usable to be safe. I have traveled 900 miles on that before but was used up!

-930am departure Tuesday Nov 9th and went 60 miles at chug speed (750RPM 9.5 knots/12gph) in 6 hours and 15 minutes.

-350-4:50: ran 1800RPM 70%load 30 knots and a total of 91 miles. Back to chugging

Realistic fuel burn is (12x6.25)+(75x1)=150 gallons burned for 91 miles so far.

-4:50pm to 6:20am Nov 10 at chug speed. 223.5nm so traveled 132.5nm 13.5hours. 13.5x12gph=162 + 150 = 312 gallons burned

-6:20am to 6:50 ran 1750 28knots with a 10-15 knot head wind. 237.5nm traveled. 312+40 = 352 gallons of fuel burned

-6:50am to 3:00pm chugged. Total 309.5nm. 352+100=452 gallons burned

-300 to 330 ran at cruise at 1800 rpm. Total 324nm. 452+40=492


*takes 1 hour and 45-50 minutes to transfer forward auxiliary tank (315 gallons) back into the main tank.

-3:30pm to 10:45am November 11th we chugged 503nm. 492+(19.25hrsx12gph) = 723 gallons burned

-10:45am to 11:00 ran at 1900 75%. 511nm total traveled. 723+20= 743 gallons burned

-1100 to 145 chugged. 537 miles total trip. 743+33=776 gallons burned

Actual fuel burn 767.5 gallons on a 537 mile trip.

Tolers Cove in Charleston is 3.81/gallon so fuel was $2924.18 and slip for the night was $105

Charleston, SC to Stuart, FL

-7:00 am departure on November 12. Chugged until 3:00pm. Burned 96 gallons and traveled 75.6nm

-3:00 to 4:00 ran 1800RPM.

96+75=171 gallons burned so far

-4:00 to 6:15am Saturday, November 13th chugged and have now totaled 238nm.

171+171=342 gallons burned.

-6:15-6:30am ran at cruise (1800 RPM). 342+20= 362 gallons burned so far

-6:30-10:30 chugged. 362+48=410 gallons

-1030-1100 ran at cruise speed. 410+35= 445 gallons burned so far

-1100-200 chugged. 445+36=481

-200 to 300 ran 1900RPM. 481+80

561 gallons burned

Euphoria Sportfishing GEAR

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